Of laziness, food and healing…

This weekend passed quicker than I was expecting it to. I made two breakthrough discoveries, however

1) I can spend a whole day lying in bed, doing nothing, and still fall asleep at 10pm. Pathetic.

2) I have 3 exams this week :/

For all you Tallahassee people who actually wake up on a Sunday morning in time for breakfast, my friend discovered a breakfast speciality cafe called ‘Another Broken Egg Cafe’. It is open from 7am-2pm everyday and they have a yummy menu. I ordered the Garden omelette (a.k.a vegetarian omelette) with cold milk, and my friend got the typical American Biscuits, eggs and gravy platter. And we split a Belgian Waffle between the two of us. One Word. HEAVEN.


Its flu season here on campus, with the whole bipolar weather ordeal its only a matter of time and I will scumb to flu too..not looking forward to that. Therefore I have been being extremely careful about taking care of myself by eating right and getting my vitamins 🙂 My grandmother used to give me warm-turmeric milk at bedtime, whenever she thought I was getting sick. I made that for my roommate once and I am a 100% confident that it made her feel better, even though she avoids it now…

So for turmeric-milk:

  • 1cup milk
  • 1 pinch turmeric
  • 1 tsp honey.

Heat the milk and then just add the honey and turmeric. The turmeric has healing properties and the honey just negates the awful taste of turmeric.  BTW did you know that the chinese use turmeric to cure depression? oh and this milk helps with insomnia too. So there I just let out a great subcontinent secret. shhh.


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