to do or not to do…?

what not to do in a flu: go out to eat crappy food, throw up, watch dramas all afternoon to the point that it makes your head hurt worse, go out  with friends, make new friends and hang out with them…eeeeh they will probably not get the best impression of you.

to do: dress warm, eat healthy, take vitamins, dress warmly, chill out in bed. AND TAKE PILLS.

Don’t, just please dont drink and drive especially while on duty. Unlike these miami beach cops who got drunk and crashed into and injured 3 people.

Dont study just the night before your paper, you end up looking like this…

If you don’t have a car don’t go grocery shopping by bus (unless it drops you right at your doorstep) your ego or need to not rely on other people is  NOT worth the pain. It takes you from a:



About discombobulated zeitgeist

Overseas-overly confused- Pakistani Student... This is a chronicle of everything( Not Really)
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