wanna-be-pulao (A pakistani rice/chicken pilaf)

I am not as awesome as the spice spoon. I can’t cook as well as my mom. My best recipe is of microwaved ramen with chat masala and honey…

Cooking as a college student sucks. firstly, the very fact that you don’t have time to make anything at all. secondly and most importantly, cooking on a budget. You need to ensure that the ingredients for all your recipes overlap, so that

1) you aren’t spending too much on stuff you would use only once.

2) don’t have enough house space to keep all the ingredients in.( I don’t think Americans appreciate the smell of desi spices wafting through the house either, if you have american roomates..DON’T)

3) it all comes back to time…time is precious and something, if you are a college student like me, would spend on catching up with all the missed sleep.

therefore right now I keep coming up with recipes which last long(quantity wise), cost less, taste better and take the minimum amount of time 😀

Pulao is something I want to master. It is my favorite Pakistani dish, it’s the perfect condiment to a summer’s afternoon. It is extremely low-key,fat and spice content wise. This week I had chicken and rice at my place and I ended up fusing everything I had in my house to make a wanna-be-pulao.

The following recipe has only been tested out once. It could possibly be some one-hit-wonder recipe.

Ingredients (for 1 person)

1cup rice (soaked) 

2 chicken breast fillets( diced)

1/2 large onion

4 cloves garlic


2 green chilis

1 stick cinnamon

cloves (6)

shan chicken tikka masala

lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste

In a saucepan(the only cooking pot in our house), I heated approximately 2 tbsp of oil, and then added the onions, garlic, chilies, ginger to it. when the onion became a bit translucent I added the cloves and the cinnamon stick along with the chicken and shan chicken tikka masala. Let the chicken cook for a bit and become a little tender. Then add the lemon juice, followed by the rice. for 1 cup rice, I added 2 cups of water. Cover the saucepan with a lid for approximately   or till the rice soaks up the water. Tada!

P.S I usually add the salt and pepper after cooking the food…also, My mother says that I should have covered the lid with a cloth, it helps with the steaming! Again my description says that it is a rice pilaf, however I did not use stock of any kind because I did not have any, but if you substitute the water with chicken stock or whatever stock you prefer, it comes out amazing!

Anyways it tasted really good and it was a good change from the ramen and its easy to cook 😀

I will bring in more recipes later…however this is not going to turn into a food blog.


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