Tallahassee, FL

Who knew that there was so much that could be done in Tallahassee. When the entire student population leaves the actual residents of Tally rear their heads. The city isn’t completely silent as yet. I woke up today to a beautiful sunrise, though my camera doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the moment. The sun rose through the tree in the picture above; it was refreshing, the city silent and the air weirdly still and like in a moment the sun finally burst through, ending the moment and giving way to an extremely hot day.

Today meant Christmas shopping for me. As most of my friends have left, there was no was no way that the gift buying could be compromised or delayed. In the bustle of university life, it is so easy to forget that there is a city outside FSU campus that exists too. I found a wonderful antiques store on North Monroe St. called Antiques. I highly recommend it, it had everything from binoculars from the 1920’s to cobalt blue jars, redneck wine glasses to a 1935 publication of Dostoevsky’s final novel The Brothers Karamazov.

Because we are extremely poor college students, my roommate and I found a dead branch in our backyard and decorated it with lights, a very Charlie Brown Christmas.

I help the international center take international students to different places around Tallahassee and we went to the Tallahassee museum today. I was happily surprised that “museum” actually meant a wild life and cultural preserve! Many happy hours were therefore spent frolicking around


   they also had preserved cabin houses (?) and plantations to show how life was like in the old times. 

and to end the day….an amazing bowl of ramen! 


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